Q? How to I reserve the building at the Recreation Center?
A.Recreation Center Reservations Department. SAReservations@fsresidential.com
You will need to complete a reservations form and submit deposits and usage fees.

Q? Where can I get a pool key? 
A. Pool keys can be picked up from the Management Office (MAP). 3424 Paesanos Parkway, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX, 78231
  One key/card per family. Replacement Keys to the pool and restrooms are $50. 

Q? Where can I get a gate remote?
A. Management Office. (MAP) 210-829-7202. $45

Q? Where can I get a primary, guest, or service gate access code? 
A. Gate & Pool access department

Q? Who do I report a street light out or a common area in need of attention to?
A. Send information to the Association Manager, Mona.Schneider@fsresidential.com

Q? What committees, activities or organizations are available in my community?
A. It is up to the residents in the community to build the committees and activities in the community.  

If there is a committee you would like to form or participate on, please send a note to Mona Schneider at Mona.Schneider@fsresidential.com or complete the form below.  
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Community Activities and Interest Groups: 
Frequently Asked Questions
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